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Big Data Could Sway The Presidential Election

As we head into the heat of the 2016 Presidential Campaign, the rhetoric will surely increase, but the outcome may ride on the backs of the mathematicians, statisticians, data scientists and computer scientists who will work to collect, churn and convey information to their respective campaigns in order to give their candidate an edge. A number of companies that specialize in analytics will be working tirelessly with data to find voters that can carry the day. Continue reading Big Data Could Sway The Presidential Election

SNA: Understanding the Social

Increasingly, companies are harvesting their data to understand relationships between customers. Customer’s word of mouth promotion or denunciation of a product or company can be a vital piece of knowledge for organizations. Companies that can identify key influencers within a network are capable of utilizing those influencers to promote the product and affect the communication of information in the shortest path possible, in stark contrast to simply broadcasting information over traditional media. Continue reading SNA: Understanding the Social