The Analytics Organization – Part 1

Having been a part of large organizations, I have seen first hand the effect of both good and bad structures in Information Technology and Analytics. In analytics organizations, there are many different skill sets and the number of people calling themselves data analysts and data scientists it becomes increasingly difficult to determine how the analytics organization should be constructed. Continue reading The Analytics Organization – Part 1

Misusing Prediction Models

Basic predictions are one of the most fundamental aspects of data science. It provides insight that enables functional units such as marketing, logistics and finance to take action on the data. One of the most basic tools in the prediction area are regression models. Regression models take a number of “predictor” variables, i.e. variables that will be used to predict some outcome, and one or more “response”, i.e. outcome, variables. While the technique is very powerful, using it improperly can lead to disastrous effects. Continue reading Misusing Prediction Models