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Machine Vs. Operational Learning

Today’s economy, led by advances in changing economic cycles and communication, relies more on data science. Big data techniques, a significant component of data science and business intelligence, are utilized to harness vast amounts of data quickly for analysis. Increasingly, the volume and availability of granular data, coupled with highly specific and powerful analytical tools such as R and SAS drive organizations toward making more accurate predictions with the prospect of increasing sales and generating organizational efficiencies. These predictions help enable efficient supply chains, driving down costs for producers and leading to more expedient delivery of products and services for consumers.

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Big Data Could Sway The Presidential Election

As we head into the heat of the 2016 Presidential Campaign, the rhetoric will surely increase, but the outcome may ride on the backs of the mathematicians, statisticians, data scientists and computer scientists who will work to collect, churn and convey information to their respective campaigns in order to give their candidate an edge. A number of companies that specialize in analytics will be working tirelessly with data to find voters that can carry the day. Continue reading Big Data Could Sway The Presidential Election