SNA: Understanding the Social

Increasingly, companies are harvesting their data to understand relationships between customers. Customer’s word of mouth promotion or denunciation of a product or company can be a vital piece of knowledge for organizations. Companies that can identify key influencers within a network are capable of utilizing those influencers to promote the product and affect the communication of information in the shortest path possible, in stark contrast to simply broadcasting information over traditional media. Continue reading SNA: Understanding the Social

Analytics: Ph.D. Not required!

Analytical talent has become the hottest acquisition for companies, and many organizations are scouring for the best talent to bring on board. A question commonly asked is, “Should we hire Ph.D in Statistics or some related field”. The simple answer is, a Ph.D ISN’T required. What is needed for an analyst is a good math background, with some expertise or interest in experimental design.

Continue reading Analytics: Ph.D. Not required!

3 Big Reasons Why A/B Tests Fail

A/B tests are more popular in today’s environment and can provide a great value to an organization. A/B tests are conducted when one is trying to understand the effect of a change to a system or environment. This type of testing has been done for many decades, but is known in academia and research organizations as experimental designs. Therefore, good A/B tests should follow sound methodological research practices, while remaining cognizant of practical limitations, such as sample size and construction and lack of a controlled environment, such as a laboratory. There are three reasons why many of these AB tests fail to yield expected results. Continue reading 3 Big Reasons Why A/B Tests Fail