Number 100 – July 1st 2016

Today is a solemn reminder of the consequences of man’s most perilous flaws.It is an anniversary of one of the most tragic battles in one of the most bloodiest conflicts in the 20the century and should serve as a reminder of the need to resolve conflicts amicably.

On July 1st, 1916 during World War I, the Battle of the Somme began. During the battle which lasted until November 18th 1916, saw the loss of life from the British Empire, France, and the German Empire, of over 1 million men with over 500 thousand additional caualities.  Today on this 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme, we are reminded of the horrors of war and the need for greater global cooperation and greater respect for all life.

Somme. The whole history of the world cannot contain a more ghastly word.— Friedrich Steinbrecher