Identifying Click Fraud

MERRICK, NY–(Marketwire – April 15, 2016) – New research published in the Conference Proceedings of the Northeast Decision Science Institute, proposed and analyzed a unique method for attempting to identify click fraud traffic to websites. The research conducted by Nooshin Nejati and Dr. Alexander Pelaez, proposed examining immediate behaviors of activity, i.e. clicks and time between clicks, to identify “dark traffic”. According to the New York Times (Dec 9, 2014, L. Kaufman), click fraud cost companies over $6 Billion dollars annually (2015 estimate). “Click Fraud detection in not only important for advertising base businesses, but is also a key factor for any other technology related business to eliminate fraud activities before further data analysis influences business decisions prematurely”, said Ms. Nejati.

The purpose of their study examined differences between the various types of traffic, e.g. human and robot generated traffic. They conducted an experiment over a six month period collecting a number of attributes and their preliminary results demonstrated the likelihood that segmenting dark traffic from organic traffic is possible using their method. The study was a first phase of research which they will continue in the future and publish.
Dr. Alexander Pelaez, who oversaw the research, stated, “This type of research is critical to organizations who tens of thousands of dollars or more in their marekting budget. Our goal has always been to find value for our customers and our work in this area is just one example.”
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