Giving Back

We believe that giving back to our community is part of our corporate responsibility, and for us one way we accomplish that is through teaching technology, and data analytics. As part of a program through Hofstra University, funded by OpenLink, Alex Pelaez, Ph.D spearheads a program that teaches, Scratch programming, Python Programming, Spreadsheets and Databases to children from grades 3-8, at two local schools on Long Island. Employees of Five Element Analytics participate as teachers and volunteer their time teaching these very important skills.

Through the funding provided by OpenLink, the schools were able to obtain low-cost computers, called the Raspberry Pi, to instruct students on the basics of computer programming and database skills. Computer programming also aids students in basic problem solving skills in all areas of academic discipline.

Rich Grossi, Vice President of Global Operations and Support at OpenLink, said “We like to be part of growing technology on Long Island”.

“This program represents the best of all worlds; it’s a win-win-win,” said Alexander Pelaez, Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Business Analytics at the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. “The Hofstra students teaching the program learn how to explain things and say it’s one of the best experiences they’ve had. And OpenLink benefits because they discover new talent.”

Apurv Vispute who began with the program as an MBA student at Hofstra, said of the program, “It is truly a great experience; inspiring and enriching”. Apurv was recently hired by Five Element Analytics as a statistical assistant performing data science work, and is a member of a team of Five Element Analytics personnel participating in the program.