Analytics Can Help Puerto Rico’s Economy

The global importance of analytics cannot be understated, but, there are many local groups and organizations that are always looking for a better understanding of how basic analytics can help their organization. Within our own backyard, Puerto Rico, stands as a pearl of opportunity for analytics implementation and talent.

Dr. Alex Pelaez, as part of an ongoing mission to promote analytics, spoke to a select group today at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The discussion included members of the business community and prospective talent, and coincided with a premier conference on Epigentics, the EpiCypher2016 at the same hotel.

Dr. Pelaez believes that Puerto Rico could become a major center for analytics talent due to the lower cost and high skill labor force. Puerto Rico’s economy has struggled in recent years, having been hit hard by the exodus of pharmaceutical companies after the ten year grace period of repatriation of taxes ended in 2006, which benefited the pharmaceutical companies. While the industry is making a comeback according Louis Garguilo, in his article “Puerto Rico Back On The Map Of Pharmaceutical Locations”, Puerto Rico is faced with a new financial crisis, and the island is in need of revitalization.

Puerto Rico’s talent pool is underestimated. Companies should seriously consider resources here and take advantage of some great opportunities.
– Dr. Alex Pelaez

One student in the group said, “It was great to have an expert in analytics come here and provide some insight of what companies in the United States are looking for with respect to talent. We are really excited about having these opportunities on our island”.

Dr. Pelaez will be speaking at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras on Tuesday to encourage students to seek careers in analytics, and provide them with the insights of the skills required to become competitive in the field.

The Caribe Hilton in San Juan Puerto Rico is a fantastic and friendly hotel. It is highly recommended for conferences, business trips, or personal trips.